My New Spice Box

covered spice box
modeling the cover

How excited am I!?

I’ve been looking for a spice box for awhile. Couldn’t find one in any of the local stores, and I didn’t want to pay so much for shipping…

my new spice box!
clockwise from top: turmeric, cumin, chana dal, mustard, kashmiri chili powder, urad dal… baby curry leaves in center

… not to mention the wait to have it shipped from near or far. I’m so impatient sometimes. Happily for me, I found one right down the street — literally — from work today, in a recently-opened shop.

Instant gratification at a reasonable price — it must have been my lucky day.


Incidentally — I usually keep curry leaves in the fridge, but I put the baby ones in the box last night as I was filling it for the first time — curry leaves have been really small lately and they fit in perfectly, plus I liked the green color for the photo. I don’t know whether they’d stay fresh in there — my guess would be “not for long”! Thanks Shankari, RP and Shilpa for pointing it out. I should have written that part last night but I was too lazy πŸ™‚


colorful spices

fragrant, colorful spices in all their glory



  1. Vaishali said

    Wowee! A brand new spice box. It’s gonna mother all future dishes, huh?

    You bet, Vaishali — bring your new camera over and take some pics, will you? πŸ™‚

  2. WOW,Linda what a beautiful spice box…

    Thanks Sudha, I was so happy to find it πŸ™‚

  3. Shankari said

    Nice spice box, do u keep the curry leaves in there too? How do they stay fresh?

    Hi Shankari, and thanks — I fixed the post to say no, I don’t really keep the curry leaves there — I couldn’t resist them for the pic though πŸ™‚

  4. RP said

    Beautiful spice box! I liked the see through lid.
    I am wondering about the curry leaves too. How do they stay fresh? Or you just fill them only when you need it?

    Hi RP — I liked the see through lid too, and as a surprise fringe benefit, my daughter is suddenly interested in all the ‘pretty’ spices πŸ˜‰

    I don’t think the curry leaves would keep long there — thanks for pointing that out. I’ve amended the post.

  5. shilpa said

    Same doubt here…I never kept the curry leaves in spice box. they might get spoiled and if they have moisture, can even spoil other things. How do you manage?

  6. shilpa said

    BTW..forgot to mention…that box is very cute. I will also check for it in nearby Indian store. I am fedup of keeping the spices in different boxes.

    Hi Shilpa, and thanks to you as well for the astute curry leaf observations… the owner of the shop where I bought this was willing to order a box for me, until I realised she had a few right on the shelf.
    I think it will come in handy πŸ™‚

  7. Arjuna said

    Very beautiful spice box!

    Thank you, Arjuna!

  8. Luv2cook said

    cool…love the spice box. It looks exactly like the one I have – down to the spoon. I think they will look like twins if put together hehe..I bought mine from India.

    Hey Sam — lucky you to get from the source! Mine *comes* from India, but I didn’t have to wait on the shipping πŸ˜‰ I wanted one with stainless cover, but now that I have this home, am glad for the plastic like yours.

  9. Asha said

    Nice spice box! I have 3 , I bought them in Southall, london when we were living there. S & H is expensive , indeed!!
    You can also freeze curry leaves as soon as buy them fresh in a ziplock bag as I do. Whenever I need, I take them out to use. They smell great when chopping as if I just plucked from the tree!! Just a tip!!

    Thanks for the great tip Asha! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that — freezing works great with fresh herbs and spices πŸ™‚

    Would love to see a post about what you keep in your three boxes, if you care to share that sometime πŸ™‚

  10. Jenni said

    Hi I just found your blog and really have enjoyed it! I love the spice box too – I want one! We’re planning a trip to India next summer (my husband is Indian) so it will now be my goal to pick one up! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to checking into your blog regularly!

    Welcome to my little corner, Jenni! How lucky for you to travel to India — I wish I could do the same. I just peeked at your blog — very nice and I’ll have to spend some time checking out your recipes.

    BTW my mom is a nurse too πŸ™‚

  11. mandira said

    Just came across your blog. The spice box looks great with a see through lid… that’s even better.
    Your curry leaves look fresh. How do you keep them like that outside? I end up freezing mine.

    Hi Mandira, thanks for visiting! I see you’re in snow country — I used to live in Rochester, NY πŸ™‚
    Several people asked about the curry leaves, so I amended the post to say I don’t really plan to keep them there — like you all, I think they’d spoil. Now I’m off to read your tomato-chile chutney recipe…

  12. Krithika said

    You have a spice box !! wow so colorful !

    Hi Krithika — I’m really thrilled with it, thanks! πŸ™‚

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