Lake Superior ~ Food For The Soul

Lake Superior agate

Lake Superior in summer: a most wonderful place to be, and one of the few places where I’m not thinking about cooking 😉

I left for vacation with intentions of photographing some of the lovely, simple food of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. All such thoughts vanished, however, once I set eyes on the lake. I guess pasty recipes will have to wait for cooler weather.

I’m only a couple of days removed, but my heart is forever “back home”.

Lake Superior thru trees

a glimpse of Lake Superior through the woods

Lake Superior from atop dunes
view from the top of a dune — Lake Superior showing her spectacular colors

Glorious days were spent walking woods and beach, lost in water and waves and eagles soaring… and hunting those elusive Lake Superior agates.

Lake Superior agate

Lake Superior agate

Lake Superior agate

lake superior - food for the soul
food for the soul, way up north


  1. Archana said

    Pictures are lovely !

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