Meeta’s Blogger Postcards from the World

blogger postcards from one corner of the world

Lovely Meeta of What’s For Lunch, Honey? is hosting this fun postcard exchange.

My postcard buddy can expect to receive a card or two from this assortment, in addition to one surprise postcard from another place very dear to me.

Off to the Post Office I go ~~ then the fun of watching the mailbox begins! I wonder what my postcard will show 🙂


  1. Same with me here Linda,I cant wait to receive a card.Have fun!

  2. Kat said

    pretty cards!

  3. Ellie said

    That skyline in the bottom postcard is simply breathtaking. What a view that must be at night!

  4. Meeta said

    Linda, great cards. Thanx for taking part. This has been a lot of fun and am glad to have made new blogger firends.
    Hope you take part the next time too!

  5. Sally said

    Lovely postcards. I’m looking forward to receiving mine, too.

  6. My postcard has arrived!…

    Wow, look at that – what a beautiful landscape: This lovely postcard is coming from Linda out of the garden. When I’m reading her entry right there is another postcard on it’s way? That would be a great surprise! She…

  7. Puspha said

    Lovely card.

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