Rocky Mountain High (Colorado)

Does anyone else know that old song by John Denver? I used to listen a little as a kid — now I know what it means.

Vacation consisted of a few days around Colorado Springs, then a trip further west to Buena Vista, at the foot of the Collegiate Peaks. It was my first time to see the Rocky Mountains, and to experience the blazing sun and thin, clear air at higher altitude than my sea-level self is accustomed to.

I saw wildlife around every corner, including bison (buffalo), mule deer, pronghorn (antelope), rabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels. Also encountered many new birds including a golden eagle — a real sight to see: bronze-backed, soaring in the sunshine. Enjoyed many beautiful trees and wildflowers, especially in the higher elevations. All this displayed against the dramatic backdrop of real mountains — something I will never forget.

I did miss blogging fun and great recipes! It will take me a month to read all the wonderful things everyone has posted.

Meantime, a few photos from the 400+ (!!???!!) I took…….. I’m addicted to the camera, I confess…


yellow salsify

yellow salsify near the Continental Divide

limber pine cone with pitch

limber pine cone in pitch near the Continental Divide


pronghorn (antelope) west of Wilkerson Pass

pikes peak from wilkerson pass

Pike’s Peak and foothills looking east from Wilkerson Pass

mule deer buck

Mule deer in velvet, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

mule deer herd

gregarious mule deer near Florissant, CO

hummingbirds at wilkerson pass

hummingbirds at Wilkerson Pass

chipmunk lunch

Colorado chipmunk feasting at Garden of the Gods

cbeaver pond trout stream

Beaver dam on a trout stream, below Cottonwood Pass, elev. approx. 10,500 feet


Colorado Rocky Mountain High!



  1. Luv2Cook said

    Hey Linda:

    We took a vacation to Colorado too – went to western colorado first to Salida – Ouray – Silverton – Durango back to Colorado Springs and then went North to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. I will share my pics as soon as I get some time from this move.


    Hi Sam, I went through Salida too, on the way back to Colorado Springs. Did not have time to get north to Rocky Mtn. National Park. Really looking forward to your pics when you get settled 🙂

  2. Luv2Cook said

    BTW, forgot to mention. The pics are beautiful.

    I saw so many birds but I did NOT know what they were, except for the humming birds. Are you a bird watcher?

    I am a bird watcher, yes, and Colo. was great for that! Maybe I should have a bird blog 😉
    If you saw big, noisy, black and white birds, those were magpies. They’re fun to watch.

  3. vineela said

    Hi Linda,
    Beautiful Pictures.Hope you enjoyed your trip nicely.chipmunk looks cute.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks, Vineela — it was a fun time. Glad you liked the chipmunk — I thought he was cute too 🙂

  4. Manisha said

    Rocky Mountain High! He! he! Pikes Peak had us all feeling lightheaded and a little ‘tipsy’. Dangerous, when you’re so close to the edge!

    I have those pesky magpies in the dogwoods in my yard. They are noisy and will attack if they feel threatened. Arrrgh!

    That’s why I contented myself to the cog railway *station* and the model of the the route they had running around near the ceiling there!

    Yes, magpies can be quite boisterous… they’re a novelty to me so I was happy to see them. Course I wasn’t being attacked… 😉

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