Backyard Birding

Lucky me, I’m off to Colorado on Monday — later to Michigan. Hope to see some new birds this year. Here are a few from previous trips as well as from the “backyard” (really my front yard!).


Pine Siskin

pine siskin near arborvitae out front


Sandhill Cranes

sandhill cranes near Bete Gris, MI



male mallard duck near Frankfort, MI


Coopers Hawk

cooper’s hawk in feeder tree out front


Rose Breasted Grosbeak

female rose-breasted grosbeak near Traverse City, MI


Purple Finches

purple finches in feeder out front


Backyard Birdwatchers

my favorite backyard birders, enjoying the view



  1. Nupur said

    You share your space with so many beautiful creatures. I bet the kitties are trying to decide on the best way to hunt down some breakfast 🙂

  2. Indira said

    How pretty and what a view!

    Have a great trip, Linda.

  3. Vaishali said

    What lovely birds and what wonderful photographs, Linda. Hope you have a great trip. Looking forward to the pictures.

  4. Nabeela said

    have a wonderful trip/vacation, Linda…and those pictures of birds are very very beautiful. I once went to a bird watching camp as a kid…but my interest only stayed for a few months back then…maybe I should look into it again…

  5. ghee said

    I love birds!! These pics made my day!!

    Greetings from Japan! 🙂


  6. Luv2Cook said


    I bet you are enjoying the trip. We went to Colorado too for our vacation, a couple of weeks ago. Would love to hear where you went!

  7. Arjuna said

    Very beuatiful pictures! Looking forward to see more after your trip. Have fun.

  8. I love animals too and thanks for sharing these beautiful pics! have a great time!

  9. […] the 6th begins. We were able to take a quick trip to the Upper Peninsula in search of boats and birds and agates… then home to tend the gardens before heading back to work […]

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