What Gourd Is This?

What Gourd Is This?

At least it *looks* like a gourd. If anyone knows what this is, I’d sure appreciate the name. Thanks!

Mystery Gourd Update

I am a bottle gourd!

If it looks like a bottle gourd, and cuts like a bottle gourd, it must be a bottle gourd! You were right Vaishali, cutting it open really helped 😉



  1. Vaishali said

    A different variety of bottle gourd maybe? Cutting it open might help. (I am such a smart Alec, ain’t I? :))

    Cut it open!? That would make too much sense, Vaishali . Actually you’re right, don’t know why I didn’t do that to begin with! I thought it is some sort of bottle gourd, too. Mystery will have to wait now till after vacation 🙂

  2. santhi said

    it is opo squash…
    USed in indian kitchen…

    Thanks Santhi — I looked up ‘opo squash’ and found on one thai site that it is also referred to as bottle or calabash gourd.

  3. L.G said

    it looks like bottle gourd but bottle gourd has a lighter gren skin

    Maybe there are lots of varieties of bottle gourd, just like zucchini, LG. Have you grown these?

  4. It looks like a bottle gourd linda…

  5. Anupama said

    I think it is the green Eggplant (brinjal) I have definitely seen the small round green ones. So maybe this is another variety.

    Hi Anupama, thanks for visiting. I guess I should have placed something else in the photo for size reference — I think this vegetable is a little big for a brinjal. It must have been very fresh when I bought it, as it’s holding up well in the vegetable drawer. I’ll be cooking it soon and we’ll find out 🙂

  6. Billie said


    I was just browsing through blogger and came across your question. My name is Billie and I am a gourd artist.

    Gourds come in many different shapes and sizes and have names and catagories all their own.

    This is a green Penguin Gourd. Named do to there shape. When dried, many artists paint them to resemble penquins.

    Its too bad you cut it open because when dried they are really cool, but they will rot if cut or punchered.

    Please feel free to contact my if you have any more questions. I grow my own in my Idaho garden and am involved in mary festivals in my area.

    I also have a website you may want to check out.


    Have a great day!



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