Confessions in Groups of Five ~ Drumsticks in my Freezer

what's in my freezer


Lovely and talented Vaishali of Happy Burp
has given me a chance for more meme fun ~ and now I have better understanding how to play. Thank you Vaishali πŸ™‚

Confessions in Groups of Five

Five things in my freezer:

drumsticks! 3 bags. . .
edamame in the shell
Vineela’s Vangi Bhath masala powder to make that dish
broccoli and cauliflower (kids’ favorites)
numerous small containers full of mystery items… might be soup, or might not be soup… will find out when I defrost them πŸ™‚

Five things in my closet:

dark blue flag with duck flying across yellow moon, for autumn
son’s cap and gown from HS graduation
daughter’s dance recital costumes (I can’t bear to part with…)
long black woolen winter coat
box of cross stitch supplies I haven’t looked at in a few years

Five things in my car:

Michigan maps: county atlas and state road map
snow/ice brush
bags of bird food
binoculars (in case I spot a bird … wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared)
bag of skittles candy (for daughter in case her blood sugar drops)

Five things in my purse:

savings account passbook
driver’s license
worry stone from Lake Superior
5% off my next grocery shopping coupon
debit card… hardly ever much cash


I would like to tag:
Vineela of Vineela’s Cooking
Nabeela of Trial and Error
RP of My Workshop
LG of Ginger and Mango
Mahek of Mahek’s Kitchen

I would have tagged you Sudha, but you already posted πŸ™‚

I keep reading some folks don’t like to be tagged, so if I got one of you, forgive me. Also, if you’re new like me and want to play along, please feel free. I never heard of a “meme” till I found the cooking blogs ~ what fun…



  1. Vaishali said

    Reading your meme was great. As I can see, you are a bird-watcher. Maybe a separate post on that sometime?

    Thanks for tagging me, Vaishali – I had fun πŸ™‚ Definitely a bird post sometime… are you a bird-watcher as well? I’m hoping to see some interesting things in Colorado and Michigan later this summer.

  2. Manisha said

    Linda, I see you found the frozen drumsticks! I have come to expect most frozen veggies to be pre-washed. My experience with Deep is that their frozen veggies need to be thawed and washed before cooking. So make sure you read the directions on the back of that pack and don’t end up crunching on some dirt, like I did when I tossed their frozen cluster beans directly into the tempered oil in the pan.

    Hi Manisha, thanks for that tip! Sorry about your cluster beans — eek. There are no directions on these, so I will definitely do as you suggest. πŸ™‚

  3. Manisha said

    You’re coming out to Colorado? Where are you planning to visit?

    Manisha – if all goes well I hope to be visiting the Colorado Springs area in July. I just remembered your mountain lion post! πŸ™‚

  4. Manisha said

    Colorado Springs is about an hour and half away from where I am. Last I heard, no mountain lions there! The last sightings in our area were on June 11 and June 12, not far from my home. πŸ˜€ I hope you have a wonderful time when you come here!

    Thanks Manisha! I’ve never been to Colorado, or seen real mountains, so am really hoping to go. Also hope the mountain lions can stay out in the wild where they belong… for kids’ sake and for the mountain lions’ as well πŸ™‚

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