A Delicious Directory of Drumsticks

The first time I saw canned drumsticks, I didn’t have the foggiest notion what to do with them ~ so I had to buy some. Brought them home and quickly figured out you can’t swallow the outside. So, I confess, I scraped out the insides and ate them with a spoon 🙂 I was hooked at once.

So where was my head the other night when I couldn’t find any information on drumsticks!?! I can’t imagine, but I am now becoming slightly obsessed.

I might even try growing drumsticks, if The Seedman thinks it will work in my neck of the woods.

I haven’t had time to get to the store to hunt for fresh or frozen, but I’m dreaming of drumsticks. To quell my craving till I can go shopping, I’ve collected some drumstick recipes from talented bloggers. So many drumsticks, so little time… and I didn’t even bookmark the recipes using leaves. I intend to try them all.

I hope I’ve done this using proper blog etiquette. If you have a drumstick recipe, website, or story please leave a link or drop me a note and I’ll add it to the delicious drumstick directory.


Drumstick with Toordal from Ginger and Mango

Murungakkai (drumstick) sambar from Food, In The Main…

Drumstick Shrimp Curry – Royallu Munaga Kaaya Kura from Sailu’s Food

Shrimp-Drumstick Curry/ Chemmeen-Muringakka Chaaru from Malabar Spices

Avial from Menu Today

Collection of drumstick recipes from Gluttony Is No Sin

Drumstick Curry (Munaga Kaaya Pulusu) from Mahanandi

Drumstick Pickle! from Vineela’s Cuisine

Dry-fry Drumstick from Mahek’s Kitchen

Drumsticks, Potato and Aubergine Bhaji (Dry Curry) from Mamta’s Kitchen

Yeruvalli Kuzhambu (Coconut Curry) from Sugar and Spice

Drumsticks Masala Curry (Munagakaayala Pulusu) from Flavors of Indian Rasoi

Drumstick Curry with Milk (Mulakkaya Paalu Posina Koora) from
Krishna and Arjuna’s World

Drumstick Cooked with Tamarind (Munakkaya Pulusu) from Akshayapaatram

Drumstick Dal from (Shevgachya Shengachi Amti) Food For Thought

Drumsticks Stewed in Mildly Spiced Coconut Milk (Muringakka Paalu Pizhinju Vechathu) from Mishmash!


I didn’t want to infringe on copyrights, so I haven’t put any pictures in this post. Please do have a look here for some lovely drumstick photographs taken by others.

More interesting drumstick links:

Saroj’s Kitchen Drumstick Dishes

BBC News Story


Little entry in South Asia section of Spice Pages
(this is a most fascinating site)


Happy Drumstick Dreaming!



  1. sailaja said

    We have a drumstick tree in our backyard and cook the leaves as well as the drumsticks regularly at home. Hope to blog more drumstick recipes.

    Will take some pictures of the tree and the drumsticks and email them to you.You can put them up in your blog..no copyright issues..:):). They are for you. Be patient though.

  2. Nabeela said

    Hi Linda..I tagged you for the 10 dishes I miss most of my mom’s cooking meme…hope you play!

  3. vineela said

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for linking me.

  4. Vaishali said

    Hi Linda,
    That’s a great post summarising what info/recipes are available for drumsticks. I have been meaning to try out a few recipes listed in your post. I just need to make sure that I get my stock of drumsticks the next time I am in my fave SriLankan shop. And hey, thanks for adding me to your blog roll.

  5. Hi Sailaja, I will be patiently and gratefully awaiting ~ more drumstick recipes and your lovely photos! thank you for that generous thought. 🙂

    Nabeela, thank you for tagging me! I will do my best to write something worthy 🙂

    Vineela, you’re most welcome ~ your drumstick pickle is the first thing I want to try. Do you think it could be made with frozen?

    Thank you for adding me, Vaishali, and for your kind words. I am going to the Indian and Asian groceries this weekend so I can get cooking!

  6. Menu Today said

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks a lot for linkimg me… Various drumstick recipes in one post.

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