Sailu’s Sesame Rice ~ Nuvullu Annam

I keep a mental list of dishes I want to try. When I saw curry leaves by the bagful at a new little grocery near work, this sesame rice (nuvullu annam ~ learning languages, too!) from Sailu’s Food came straight to mind.

I followed the excellent recipe there word-for-word. I did remove the seeds from the chilies, and to my surprise, found myself craving just a little more heat in the finished dish. Maybe next time I’ll leave some seeds in…


Curry Leaves Galore for Sesame Rice

Ingredients for sesame rice, clockwise from bottom: mustard seed, chana dal, and fresh chilies, red chili-coriander powder, sesame seeds toasted and coarsely ground, and curry leaves galore. All those curry leaves cost just $1.99!


Proctor Silex Coffee Grinder

I cleaned out my old coffee grinder to make the powders. I have been using a food processor with only fair results, so I was thrilled with the way the little Proctor Silex worked. This will make it easier to grind fresh spices. What a difference in the taste.
fruit in ‘frances’ by central glass works, circa late 1920s


Sailu's Sesame Rice

Sailu’s Delicious Sesame Rice on a bed of wilted spinach. Lovely, delicate aroma from all the fresh curry leaves and sesame, and the taste was even better. Thanks, Sailu, for the great recipe!


  1. sailaja said

    Your most welcome, Linda. It looks delicious!!!!
    I am so happy to see you try Nuvullu Annam and
    am glad you enjoyed it..:)

  2. vineela said

    Hi Linda,
    I have to try this sesame rice with spinach leaves .nice photos.

  3. RP said

    Looks so delicious. Sailu’s sesame rice recipe is in my must try list too. After I found out the food blogging world, my “recipes to try” list is getting longer and longer. Actually I wanted to try all of the recipes the food bloggers have posted, it is not like just trying out any recipe from internet.

  4. Luv2Cook said

    Cool..Linda..this annam was one of the seven different kind of rice dishes made on a particular festival day in my family. Your picture instantly reminded me of it.

  5. Sailaja, thank you for this great recipe. Sesame is one of my favorites and your directions were perfect.

    Vineela, thanks for visiting – the sesame and spinach make a nice combination, I think.

    Hi RP, I agree about these blog recipes not being just any old recipe – everyone seems to put their heart and soul into their cooking around here!

    Hi Luv, would love to hear about that festival sometime!

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