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Sailu’s Sesame Rice ~ Nuvullu Annam

I keep a mental list of dishes I want to try. When I saw curry leaves by the bagful at a new little grocery near work, this sesame rice (nuvullu annam ~ learning languages, too!) from Sailu’s Food came straight to mind.

I followed the excellent recipe there word-for-word. I did remove the seeds from the chilies, and to my surprise, found myself craving just a little more heat in the finished dish. Maybe next time I’ll leave some seeds in…


Curry Leaves Galore for Sesame Rice

Ingredients for sesame rice, clockwise from bottom: mustard seed, chana dal, and fresh chilies, red chili-coriander powder, sesame seeds toasted and coarsely ground, and curry leaves galore. All those curry leaves cost just $1.99!


Proctor Silex Coffee Grinder

I cleaned out my old coffee grinder to make the powders. I have been using a food processor with only fair results, so I was thrilled with the way the little Proctor Silex worked. This will make it easier to grind fresh spices. What a difference in the taste.
fruit in ‘frances’ by central glass works, circa late 1920s


Sailu's Sesame Rice

Sailu’s Delicious Sesame Rice on a bed of wilted spinach. Lovely, delicate aroma from all the fresh curry leaves and sesame, and the taste was even better. Thanks, Sailu, for the great recipe!


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