Stuffed Brinjals

I am so proud of this one! I needed a couple of tries to get the tiny eggplants stuffed without breaking but oh, was it worth the effort.

Actually, this was one of the first dishes I tried after I discovered all the wonderful blogs out there. I forgot I had the photos until I was clearing my camera last night, so thought I’d put them up. Back then, I was very excited to find the small green eggplants in a local store, along with many other new veggies.


Fresh Veggies


Recipe I followed was from Indira’s Mahanandi . As Indira mentioned in that post, I had to throw away more than half the brinjals due to age; the remaining fruit cooked up beautifully tender. I think the peanut-sesame stuffing would have had a better texture had I used a small spice grinder rather than the food processor – but it still tasted delicious!


stuffed brinjals

Stuffed Brinjals

Fairly obvious from the photo that I slipped a couple of times with the knife, cutting the eggplant. Ones that were not cut too deep spread open a little more as the stuffing was placed — definitely a job to do over a bowl to catch the extra that falls away.

stuffed brinjals cooking

Stuffed Brinjals Cooking




  1. Indira said

    Wow, Linda. They do look beautiful.
    Glad you tried and liked the recipe.
    More details please, about the cooking experience.:)

  2. Luv2Cook said

    Those brinjals look great. I just love the way you are intimidated to try all the complicated Indian dishes :).

  3. Luv2Cook said

    well..make that “I just love the way you are NOT intimidated….”

  4. Thank you both — they were fun to make and delicious to eat!

    Luv2, did you bring back pictures of your getaway break? 🙂

  5. Luv2Cook said

    Well..Linda..I was off on a “spiritual retreat”. So even though I took my camera, even though we were away from real civilization and were sorrounded by great forests and beautiful scenary, I did not take ANY pictures. The camera just stayed in the trunk of the car all the time. It was a good retreat!

  6. Indira said

    Thanks Linda for adding more details.

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