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Healthy in a Hurry ~ Pasta with Broccoli and Roasted Garlic

Quick, easy, flavorful and healthy, this pasta supper for garlic fans uses only a tiny amount of oil to roast the garlic, with none added to the sauce. For a really lowfat dish, use fat-free half and half, or skip it and double the amount of yogurt.

The mellow and mild roasted garlic with broccoli really benefits from a sprinkling of fresh grated cheese on top before serving.


2 cups fresh or frozen cut broccoli (1 each stems and florettes)
10-12 big cloves garlic
vegetable oil in spray bottle
oregano and thyme, or use your favorite pasta herbs
1/4 cup cream (I used fat free half and half)
1/4 cup yogurt
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

2-3 cups hot cooked pasta of choice

fresh parmesan or romano cheese for grating


Leave individual garlic cloves in their skins and place on foil-lined baking tray. Spray with vegetable oil and bake about 15-20 minutes at 350, until tender (if you have a toaster oven, it is perfect for this). Let cool, then squeeze softened garlic out of skin into small bowl and mash with fork.

Cook broccoli in minimum amount of water till just tender, remove florettes and rinse them under cold water to stop cooking and retain color.

Return broccoli stems to stove, adding just enough water to cover. Cook over medium heat, covered, until very tender. Drain off all but 1/2 cup water, mash broccoli in this water. You can sieve the mixture if the stems have coarse skin that won’t break down.

Add roasted garlic, herbs, and salt to taste to the broccoli mixture and cook 5-10 minutes over med-high heat. Stir in cream, and cook to thicken for another 5-10 minutes. Reduce heat to low, stir in yogurt and reserved broccoli florettes, and allow to warm through.

Serve over hot cooked pasta of choice ~ I used pipette.

Top with fresh grated cheese and fresh ground black pepper.

Pipette with Broccoli and Roasted Garlic

Oh, what an awful “photo in a hurry”… ack 🙂


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