Three Sables

I visited this lovely brick lighthouse on Lake Michigan a couple of winters ago… it’s called Little Sable (say “sah-bul”). Note mystery bird in background.

little sable point light

Further north on Lake Michigan is another Sable I have yet to visit, Big Sable Light. And further north still, on Lake Superior, lies Au Sable Point, accessible only by foot on a beautiful shoreline trail preserved within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It too boasts a lighthouse – Au Sable Light Station – also part of the National Lakeshore. When I visited, it was being lovingly restored; in the summer you could tour the attached keeper’s home and climb the tower.

A view of Lake Superior from the trail to Au Sable Point:

Lake Superior trail to Au Sable

Au Sable Light from the shoreline:

au sable light from shore

And the view from the top of Au Sable Light – the Au Sable dunes are an example of “perched dunes”. You can read more about them here.

dunes from au sable light


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